Top 10 Healthy Food Habits for Healthy Life

Healthy food is one of the most important aspects of fit and disease free life. Adopting these practices for a longer period is sometimes becomes difficult. So, we have to implement these practices one by one so that it becomes a habit & integral part of our life.

1. Eat Plenty Of Raw Vegetables & Fruits

Eating plenty of fruits and veggies which will help you to reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers. So, it is the most and very important aspect of Healthy food habits.

Vitamins & Minerals Fruits and veggies are rich in vitamins and minerals that help you feel healthy and energized.

Here are some of my favorite raw foods which you can include in your regular diet.

  • Leafy Greens like Palak, Broccoli etc.
  • Citrus Fruits Like Amla, Lemon etc.
  • Raw veggies like carrots, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Cauli Flower etc.
  • Raw Yogurt

Healthy Food Habits Eat fruits

2. Focus on Your Food

Many peoples follow their healthy food and diet plan but they don’t get any expected outcome from it. That means something wrong while following these practices.

  • You might be including high vitamin and mineral food, but if you do not focus on it while eating. You are just wasting those vital vitamins
  • Because our focus on food makes saliva secretion which will help for good nutrition absorption and easy digestion.
  • So stay focused on food while Eating. 

3. Eat Dark Green Leafy Veggies

It is necessary to include dark green leafy veggies in our daily food.

These veggies not only gives you the vital vitamins but also helps to reduce the belly fat and easy digestion.

It also boosts our immune system.

So you must include green leafs in your healthy food practice.

Healthy Food Habits Green Leafy

4. Drink Plenty Of Water

It’s not a magic bullet, but it having tons benefits, and it is part of healthy food habit. The advantages are going to increase if we follow it on regular basis.

  • It Increases Energy and Relieves Fatigue. 
  • Promotes Weight Loss.
  • Improves Skin Complexion.
  • Natural Headache Remedy.
  • Prevents Cramps and Sprains.
  • Aids in Digestion.
  • Boosts Immune System.
  • Flushes out Toxins.

Healthy Food Habits Drink Water

5.  Healthy Food Cooking Methods

Healthy Food Cooking MethodsCooking methods decide what kind of vitamins you are going to have because it helps in sustaining the vitamins in our food.  

  • Steaming Preserves nutrients, easy to prepare, food tastes great.
  • Microwaving benefits are not applicable to all the food.
  • Grilling foods that contain fat is less damaging than frying, but browning or burning food creates free radicals. Try to avoid that.
  • Stir-frying Incorporates healthy vegetables and proteins, uses healthy fats at medium heat threshold, quick to prepare and clean up.
  • Poaching Quick, no unwanted fats, perfect for meat dishes.

No Cooking is one of the best methods to get all the nutrition from food, must try whenever it is possible.


6. High Protein Food Intake

Protein is must in our regular diet and it is the best healthy food habit one can have.                     

  • It is the building block of our body & muscles
  • High protein food helps you in losing weight.
  • Protein food ignites the digestive juices in our stomach.
  • It also promotes the immune system.
  • It gives you the energy.

Healthy Food Habits High Protein Diet

7. Get Away from Junk Food &  Soft Drinks

Yes, you need to get away from this if you want to stay with your healthy food habits.

  • If you’re a junk-food junkie, your eating habits may be sabotaging your overall health.
  • Highly processed foods high in calories, fats, sugars or salt and low in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Healthy Food Habits Junk Food

Health Risk as mentioned below

So being away from these by avoiding the junk food & soft drinks.

8. Never Skip Breakfast

It is the most important aspect of getting a healthy food habit and most of us don’t follow this in a regular manner.

  • Skipping your breakfast can lead to various health complications.
  • Diabetes: If you skip your breakfast, it could put you at the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Weight gain: The fact remains if you skip the first meal of the day you tend to eat much more for lunch to overcompensate your body.
  • Heart disease: People who have a healthy breakfast has a much lower risk of heart trouble than the ones who skip it
  • Migraine: Skipping breakfast is one of the worst triggers for a migraine. So is being dehydrated.
  • Affects mood and cognitive function: Avoiding breakfast can have a negative impact on your mood and of course your energy.

Healthy Food Habits Never Skip Breakfast

9. Switch to Healthy Whole Grains.

Most of the time we have seen that a lot of products which we buy from the hypermarket are not made with whole grain. So including whole grain intake in our regular diet is one of the best healthy food habits. Because it has so many health benefits as mentioned below.

  • Helps in digestion.
  • It helps to lower the Cholesterol.
  • Lowers the Blood Pressure.
  • It can help you to control weight.
  • Redistributes the fat.
  • It helps you to regulate the blood sugar.
  • It gives you vital vitamin and essential minerals.
  • Even lower cancer risk.
  • It protects your teeth and gums.

Healthy Food Habits Whole Grain

The benefits of whole grains are most documented by repeated studies includes:

  • Stroke risk reduced 30-36%
  • Type 2 diabetes risk reduced 21-30%
  • Heart disease risk reduced 25-28%
  • Better weight maintenance
  • Other benefits indicated by recent studies include:
  • Reduced risk of asthma
  • Healthier carotid arteries
  • Reduction of inflammatory disease risk
  • Lower risk of colorectal cancer
  • Healthier blood pressure levels
  • Less gum disease and tooth loss.   

10. Say “NO” to white foods

In our Indian Culture, all these white products are used extensively, but we have to think another side also. The constant serving of these products invites multiple health issues.

Instead of this, we can include very good alternatives like Oats, Brown Rice, Jaggery which not only satisfies our daily nutrients but also it improves our health.

So say No to White Foods.

Healthy Food Habits no sugar-rice-flour

Finally, we can say that if you want live a healthy life then we must follow these healthy food habits & practices.

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