Walk & Run Method For Weight Loss

Walk & Run method for weight loss practice is for all beginners & runners who are returning from their difficult injury.

Nowadays, nobody is having time to perform physical activities. So because of that, they are unable to run for longer period of time. Running for small distance also makes them tired. For them walk & run is the best method to start with it & further they can start to continue their running sessions.

How can I use this method for weight loss?

We can start with regular or fast walking sessions for few days, slowly you can convert this walking session into walk & run method.

For this If you can take a stopwatch with you then that will be better or else you can use digital watch or mobile also.

1. So Initially you can walk for 3-4 min & run for 1 min. Again, start walking of next 3-4 min & run for another 1 min. You have to follow this repetitive process for 30-45 min in a day. Best time is in the morning.

2. Slowly after few days start decreasing the walking sessions & increase the running sessions.
Like example Walk for 2-3 min & run for 2 min, repeat same the process for 30-45 min.

3. As you get comfortable with this, you can make the changes in walking & running sessions.

4. If you follow this practice for at least 20-25 days to get results. It also depends on person to person because everybody having the different physique, so the result may vary.

weight loss walk & run method
weight loss

Benefits :

1. This method provides new runners ability to recover their breathing & muscles rest.

2. This method not only it helps in losing the body weight but also it reduces chances to get injured in early stages.

3. It also extends the running sessions which actually increases the body stamina.

4. Again it also reduces stress on muscle, ligaments, tendons & bones which will avoid the physical injuries.

(Note: Please follow running practice on flat surface so that it will not impact on your knee joints.)

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