About Me

“Fitness Is Not A Destination, It Is A Way Of Life”

Hey Folks, Thanks a Lot for visiting this page.

I am Vijay Gadage a Blogger, Health and Fitness passionate writing here at fitnessyog.com. Its all about related topics from Fitness, Nutrition & Workout.

The reason behind starting this Blog is that, Somewhere I felt in India we have ample of food resources but most of time we under utilize those things in our daily life. Even most of the peoples are not much conscious about their health. The major problem behind is the peoples are not fully aware of all the health & nutrition fact.

My only intention behind this Blog is to make you people fully aware of the best Fitness and Diet practices in simple way, so that you will not suffer any health issues.

In most of our community, our all food habits are common and we follow the same food habits for lifelong. Sometimes we fail to feed right nutrition to our body which cause many health issues.

Our body and entire being are made of what we eat or consume every time. This makes our body emotions in terms of physical, mental, psychological behavior etc. So, we must understand our food in terms of its nutrition fact.

Yes, any diet practices are difficult to follow for a longer period of time unless and until if we know the importance it in terms of nutrition.

Once we understand and knows the benifits of nutrition then taste becomes second priority. In this way we have to adopt all the diet practices so that it becomes an integral part of our life.

I believe, our Home & Kitchen is the best health treatment place and we can live happily without any medicines and doctors.

Your body is the best asset and tool to get everything in our life so,you must care about it. Through this blog, I will be sharing all my thoughts, insights and experiences throgh FitnessYog in a best possible way.